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Unlike any other standalone 360° appraisal system, 360calibrate is designed to provide a completely comprehensive insight into your Leader’s performance, remove barriers to feedback and ensure lasting performance results by utilizing the Leader’s support system… HR and the boss.

Where typical 360° assessments terminate after one feedback session with the Leader, OUR 360calibrate takes feedback 1… 2… 3… steps further!

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Discover: Feedback facilitation between Leader and Coach
  2. Develop: Development action planning between Leader and Coach
  3. Calibrate: Calibrating Leader’s Individual Development Plan (IDP), performance goals, and expectations with Direct Supervisor and HR Business Partner.






Comprehensive evaluation using
our 360 model
Approval of
feedback providers
Approval of
feedback providers
Increased self-awareness through our coaches’ candid and impactful feedback
Performance management support through objective, candid feedback
Partnership with distinguished and qualified Brainard Strategy coaches
Development of Leader’s
Executive Brand
Development of Leader’s Executive Brand to drive team results to collective goals
Calibration of development plan; potential for high-impact with lasting results
Empower Leaders through partnership with HR and Direct Supervisor
Hold Leader accountable with continuous evaluation through SMART goals
Hold Leader accountable with continuous evaluation through SMART goals
“Calibrate is a fantastic way to “jump-start” the leadership development and assessment process! Simple and user-friendly, Calibrate gives the individual being assessed the opportunity to work with a professional coach, receive a 360 assessment, and to work closely with their manager and coach to develop a realistic and behavioral-based improvement plan focused on maximizing the leadership skills.
This is a great program to reward your high-potentials/performers, and is quickly becoming part of the new leadership development framework at our company.”

Deadrick David “DD” Baker
SVP, Chief People Officer