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Brainard Strategy CEO Michael Brainard is a Dynamic
and Experienced Keynote Speaker

IMG_9268Michael brings over 20 years of experience as a management consultant, senior executive, coach, manager, entrepreneur and researcher to your next event. Michael has worked with many executives and organizations across industries blending a strategic, behavioral, and experiential learning approach. Michael’s diverse background ranges from being a coach, to being a senior executive who has gone through coaching, from being a rain-maker to being the senior executive who must leverage talent, infrastructure and multiple stakeholders’ interests to produce business results, and from a board member of a non-profit to authoring multiple ‘for profit’ organizations’ strategic plans.

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Leadership as a Paradox

There is almost never ONE truth when leading humans. People who have high IQ and EQ are able to have greater leadership impact as they manage many paradoxes and assist others in working through a complex world of business and relations. 

Leadership… It’s What We Do.

Discomfort and Innovation

Innovation is not a seminar and it doesn’t come from your current corporate establishment. Innovation comes from discomfort, necessity, and trial and error. This talk dispells myths about sources of innovation and methods to drive innovation into your team.

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Hard Team Development

The development of teams and groups drives productivity, engagement, and creates a positive impact on other teams. Michael discusses an evolutionary perspective, Lencioni’s model, and the power of “getting it right” as you develop groups of people in the workplace.

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Beyond Change Management

From business process transformation, to down-sizing to mergers, change comes in many forms. A leader’s approach to change must be holistic, grounded in humility, and above all, be measurable as change leadership is tangibly accretive to value creation.

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Unique Perspectives on Executive Development

Effective executive development initiatives are competency-based with an application focus. They are a blend of development modalities aimed at effectively filling leadership gaps while instilling a “self-coaching” component. This talk discusses best practices, explores new thinking in design and implementation, and discusses return on leadership.

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New Models in Human Capital ROI

With an economy evolving into a less centralized, more fluid recruiting market, it has become essential for Human Relations professionals to understand how human capital, training and succession are essential to defining ROI. 

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Unconscious Bias Impact on Talent and Business Performance

Unconscious bias is a biological mechanism deep in our minds that causes us to prefer those that are like us. Existing out of our conscious awareness, it can have adverse effects on hiring, performance management, succession planning and diversity initiatives. This talk will discuss the origins and meaning of unconscious bias, consider its implications and discuss ways to manage it.

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