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The Honor Foundation

Brainard Strategy is proud to be working with the Fellows at The Honor Foundation. The Honor Foundation is a unique transitioning Institute for Navy SEALs and Special Operators. Our “Why;” To serve others with honor for life. So their next mission is clear and continues to impact the world.” Click here to watch this video: Founder’s Story.

San Diego Business Journal

The Healthiest Companies Awards recognize companies valuing the importance of corporate health and wellness as well as those that take a pro-active approach to improving the health and wellbeing of their employee population. Brainard Strategy is proud to host the online nomination process for the 2012 Healthiest Companies Nomination, sponsored by San Diego Business Journal and Intercare Solutions.


Founded in 1977, Valtera is a professional services firm that provides a unique mixture of scientific expertise, consulting, and technology to global organizations. Valtera solutions are innovative, yet practical, and are tied to strategy to produce meaningful bottom line results.

Flannery Sales Systems

Flannery Sales Systems help companies to define and implement a repeatable sales process that is aligned with your target market’s purchasing habits.

Our sales training program, implementation planning, follow up services, tool creation, and technology integration will help you increase sales, expedite the sales process, and reduce the cost of sales by helping your organization become more CustomerCentric®. With this comprehensive approach, you will establish and maintain a high performance sales culture.

Association for Corporate Growth

More than a growth opportunity…It is the deal of a lifetime. Your business constantly requires MORE KNOWLEDGE, MORE RESEARCH, QUICKER RESPONSES, BETTER, BOLDER MOVES. To achieve this level of performance, you need access to the best people, systems and information worldwide.

ACG SD CAN PROVIDE THAT EDGE. ACG members network rigorously; they develop PROGRAMS OF THE HIGHEST CALIBER. ACG members are among the key players that shape the San Diego business community. ACG SD are professionals involved in Corporate Growth, Corporate Development, and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Chief Financial Officer

B2BCFO is a nationwide network of highly qualified CFO consultant ready to help your small or mid sized company on an as needed basis.

More than a Minute by Holly Green

More Than A Minute provides a refreshing look at the original ‘secrets’ of effective managers explored in The One Minute Manager more than 25 years ago. It offers up to date methods and practices to prompt thinking required to address today’s challenges. Unlike many other management books, it is based on time proven practices and actual business application with companies around the globe.

More Than a Minute is written by a practitioner. As President of The Ken Blanchard Companies, Holly Green worked closely with the co-author of The One Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard. She actively applied the three principles outlined more than twenty-five years ago, but realized first hand how different the workforce and corporate environments of today are.