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Deb Weiler

Deb WeilerDr. Deb Weiler believes that business is the ultimate sport. Her clients affectionately call her “My Game Changer”. She combines her experience as a former corporate executive and world-class swimmer to coach and train leaders to attain peak performance by enabling them to think and work like top level athletes. Using her proprietary peak performance model, Dr. Deb has worked with thousands of senior leaders to achieve their goals with incredible results. And, she has even worked with the athletes of the NFL to do the same!

Dr. Deb believes that most executives and their teams are only accessing a small portion of their true potential because they fail to fully tap their talents, elevate their energy and master their mindset. She uses many of the same tools that elite athletes use with her corporate clients (mental rehearsal, tapering, finding a focus, and working in the zone). For example, she worked with a VP of customer service at a Fortune 100 company to reinvent the organization. This resulted in enabling this lackluster customer service organization into a winning team. In fact, they won the JD Power Award for Customer Service Excellence for seven consecutive years.

Prior to her current role as an executive coach and leadership consultant, Dr. Deb spent more than fourteen years as a leader in consumer products, office products, aviation services, and hospitality firms. She understands what it takes to succeed in the world of business because she has lived and thrived in the corporate world. Her industry experience includes financial services, healthcare, professional services, energy, consumer goods, hospitality, logistics, government, retail, technology and telecom. She has considerable experience working abroad including Europe and Asia.

Deb holds a doctorate in organizational psychology from the Professional School of Psychology, with a focus on executive coaching, leadership and emotional intelligence. She is certified as a master-level executive coach by the International Coach Federation (only 2% of coaches worldwide have achieved this distinction). Dr. Deb was also one of the first coaches in the US to be certified as an emotional intelligence coach. She is certified in many assessments including the Hogan, Birkman, Myers-Briggs, and many 360 assessments. Additionally, she is a Certified Coach University Graduate and certified Senior Professional in Human Resources. (SPHR).