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Jack Farnan, Consultant

jackfarnanJack has over 20 years of C-suite Human Resources executive experience, most recently serving as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at an international Software Technology firm. His prior companies included technology, manufacturing, national, and global companies. Jack’s expertise includes Leadership Development, Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Culture Enhancement. His passion is centered on helping individuals reach their potential, which in turn contributes to companies reaching their business goals. Trained as a Certified Hudson Institute Coach, his emphasis on leaders’ personal growth and development drives leaders to achieve excellence in their roles.

Jack is a successful leadership trainer, bringing over 25 years of training expertise to the corporate classroom. He has taught in the UCSD Leadership and Management Program for over a decade, and has spoken on Leadership and Corporate culture at numerous conferences throughout the United States.

Jack has earned a Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to the Human Resources field, which was a reflection on his commitment to and achievements in driving results that impact a company’s bottom line performance, and the business community. In his most current leadership position, Jack’s company has twice won the Grand Prize for Workplace Excellence among San Diego companies. This is a testament to Jack’s leadership and operational experience.

Jack serves on the Board of Directors of a private Financial Services company as well as the Board of a non-profit organization. He is also a member of the Human Resources Advisory Council of the American Management Association.

Jack is a highly experienced mountaineer, scaling 7,000-meter peaks around the globe. Jack challenges leaders to bring the same passion for teamwork, preparation and excellence that is required for survival in high altitude mountains, into the workplace, in order to achieve personal and corporate goals. His extensive experience on Senior Executive teams enables Jack to help leaders be the best they can be.