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Scott Paine

Scott Paine is a respected, results-oriented organizational development professional with over 15 years of experience in the design and implementation of targeted solutions that increase leadership and organizational effectiveness. Scott’s expertise includes leading individual, team, and organization-wide performance assessments, identifying and translating specific customer needs into impactful learning solutions, and consulting with multiple leadership levels on managing complex team dynamics for continuous improvement. Scott’s goal in his work is to establish strong client relationships and maintain high levels of trust among all team members, leading to high-functioning teams.

As an internal consultant at Qualcomm, Scott worked with managers and executive teams to identify their critical business needs and align them with the goals of their businesses. Scott also had oversight for all the learning and coaching needs at multi-national offices, where he partnered with executive and HR teams to assess, design, and implement a variety of initiatives, including team development programs for senior management staff to improve team cohesiveness, communication, and productivity.

More recently, as an external consultant, Scott has worked on process redesign and change readiness to prepare teams for large-scale software implementations. Scott developed gap analysis to identify specific actions in support of change management. He conducted employee focus groups to provide an outlet for individuals to express their concerns and insights leading to a thorough understanding of gaps and impacts. Where necessary, he provided specialist advice and guidance to business groups impacted by the system implementation.

Scott began his career as a counselor for adolescent youth, helping them reach their full potential by gaining awareness of their self-worth and how to channel their talents to make a positive impact on the world around them. Scott uses these same principles when coaching and facilitating team effectiveness. His passion is creating a better understanding of the role of trust in the workplace and how it impacts team functioning and inhibits mutual understanding. By helping each person gain a better understanding of themselves and their communication style, they will more fully understand their impact on others and can reach their full potential.

Scott earned his BA in Counseling Psychology and an MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Scott also holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University.