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Standard Pacific Homes

Sep 9th, 2011Comments Off on Standard Pacific Homes

Heather Breidenthal
Vice President
Human Resources

“We engaged Brainard Strategy to help us develop the foundation of a leadership development program for our senior leaders and potential successors. Michael and his team helped us flush out the key competencies for our current and future leaders and built a comprehensive leadership model. Our leaders participated in a 360 feedback process and received one on one consultation and coaching to analyze strengths and areas for improvement. The initial stage of the program culminated in a two day off-site retreat where Michael spoke to the group at large and challenged them to step outside of their comfort zones and actively embrace their leadership role.

Michael and his team did a tremendous job in taking all of our available materials on leadership and our current challenges in the business to develop a superb leadership model. They mapped out the process leading up to the retreat with manageable timelines and provided an array of assessments and other resources to energize participants. Most impressively, Michael’s delivery at the retreat was both inspiring and motivating. He possesses the unique ability to resonate with all levels of management including our executive team, and his vast knowledge of leadership development is complemented perfectly with his customized approach to the client’s specific business challenges. Michael has earned our highest recommendations.”

Large Multinational Biotechnology Company

Sep 9th, 2011Comments Off on Large Multinational Biotechnology Company

Human Resources Director
Large Multinational Biotechnology Company

“We had a major corporate initiative being driven by one of our teams of PhD scientists. This team is incredibly smart, but less than incredibly appreciative of the importance of teaming and / or the impact of true organizational leadership. It was difficult to get this type of team to be open enough to be willing to learn something about the “soft skills” associated with a high performing team; however, the need to increase team performance was clear to all. When I was referred to Michael, I was impressed by his way of thinking, his experience in life sciences with this type of population, and his credentials.

Michael met with me and the leader of this team who was not yet convinced that “team building” would do any good. Michael framed his belief about team building to be more of a team development process….

Michael dispelled his beliefs about some kumbya session, or ropes courses, etc. Rather, Michael’s approach was based on assessment of the core issues, an agenda built upon inclusive dialogue, and objectives that were measure-able. The team development process changed many of the key leaders’ approach to teaming and leadership. Michael has a unique ability to communicate with highly educated and tough executives, so much so that we now leverage Michael for similar types of work with other groups. It is meaningful to me when a member of the team that we worked with over a year ago refers to something Michael covered with that team. I appreciate Michael and his firm, and they are a trusted partner for us. Michael’s facilitation skills and pragmatism helped many of our teams go from “performing to “high-performance.”

Large Multinational Biotechnology Company

Sep 9th, 2011Comments Off on Large Multinational Biotechnology Company

EVP of Corporate Development
Large Multinational Biotechnology Company

“We have had a great deal of success with mergers and acquisitions but in 2010 we sought to reduce some of the friction that our internal process seemed to be experiencing. While ultimately much of our work in Corporate Development was highly successful it was clear that we were not operating the deal process as efficiently or as effectively as we could. As the executive responsible for all aspects of M&A activity I have a great sense of urgency for the company to realize its value targets and for us to build scale-able and replicable process to the extent possible. Our transactions can range from tens of millions to multiple billions, be incredibly complex, have international components, and we often must navigate a complex regulatory and competitive environment.

Michael was referred to us based upon a prior experience a colleague had with Michael, his Corporate Development background as well as his Organizational Development expertise. We contracted with Brainard Strategy to assess our M&A processes, then deliver a series of reports and facilitated sessions with a variety of executives and other stakeholders. As one can imagine there were executives wed to certain aspects of the process and many of the people who were in the debrief sessions helped to create the very processes that were being assessed and potentially challenged.

It became crystal clear that Michael’s ability to pull together many data points and points of view in an honest, clear and objective manner led to instant credibility. It was also clear that Michael and his team had a vast amount of technical expertise in both doing transactions, and consulting on the process of completing transactions. In many instances Michael asserted known challenges for us and in many other cases he was able to articulate the implications of some of our challenges in such a way so as to limit defensiveness. His ability to communicate tough truths and facilitate various types of groups toward the best end for us as the client was immensely valuable to me. We were left with a concrete action plan for change that was eventually integrated by the board and the senior management team.

Our company is now partnering with Michael as a strategic consulting partner to assist us with a variety of process consulting initiatives. Michael’s unique background as a psychologist, business development executive who completed transactions, and facilitation capabilities, as well as interpersonal skills and pragmatism helped our team and company to gain value that may not have been gained without him. I estimate his contribution to be worth many millions of dollars for us.”

Beckman Coulter

Sep 9th, 2011Comments Off on Beckman Coulter

Mr. Wing S. Pang
Corporate Vice President
Beckman Coulter

“I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Michael Brainard, President of Brainard Strategy who has coached my team members and I in the area of Business Strategic Planning and Executive Level Communication Skills last six months. We were having great difficulties in developing and communicating our business strategy at the beginning of 2008. After months of intense one on one and team meetings, Michael had helped pulling my team together using a very discipline and proven approach. First we have discussed, debated and developed our business strategy. Then using Michael’s presentation process and approach, we have developed a common template for multiple product lines. The improvement in last six months is just unbelievable.”

Beckman Coulter

Sep 9th, 2011Comments Off on Beckman Coulter

Bob Hurley
Beckman Coulter

We engaged Brainard Strategy to work with us on both a strategic and tactical project around Performance Management at Beckman Coulter. We invited Brainard Strategy to help us to re-examine all aspects of our performance management strategy and approach and then to design a highly impactful training process for both managers and employees to ensure understanding of the Performance Management process and their role in the execution of that process. We then partnered with our HRBP’s in a transfer of knowledge, train the trainer sessions globally, to enable them to educate and train managers in the changes in the new process.

We choose Brainard Strategy based upon their team’s expertise and experience in building Performance Management initiatives in a variety of industries, to include healthcare, biotech, and medical devices. We found the team at Brainard Strategy to be experts in performance management, and were able to customize the materials in a way that aligned with our culture and expected outcomes. Michael’s facilitation skills were very valuable in delivering the learning sessions. Jennifer Konkin’s abilities in instructional design were also very critical to the successful outcomes we experienced. We will continue to leverage Brainard Strategy to help us grow well into the future specifically building on the experience in matters of leadership development, coaching and strategy execution.


Aug 26th, 2011Comments Off on Borland

Tom Triolo
Vice President, Human Resources – 2009

“At Borland Software we were attempting to do a great deal, as our resources became increasingly limited. It became important to bring our executives to together to re-visit strategic goals as we could not possibly operate “as usual”.

Michael met with our team to challenge us to think about our goals in a disciplined way, around value accretive activities that were to be prioritized objectively. Michael led us through a series of facilitated meetings to establish the highest level goals around operational efficiency, operating margin, employee commitment, and market position / customer intimacy. Michael then worked with Erik Prusch, our CEO and our team to develop a goal cascading methodology that we were able time implement globally within 60 days from establishing our goals at the highest level. The Performance Scorecarding method (OGTM) was unbelievably simple and efficient, as well, the individual goals and metrics were able to set in Success Factors and every single manager and above had goals set that were directly descended from the executive scorecard. An un-planned benefit was that we conducted team goal setting meetings and teams were able to collaborate about goals and metrics we have seen a great deal more clarity and openness in resource sharing and teaming.

This OGTM / Performance Scorecarding method is the single greatest innovation in goal setting I have ever seen. It is amazing and I will bring it with me as a competence, thanks Michael.”


Aug 26th, 2011Comments Off on Borland

Jonathan Schoonmaker
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

“Developing individual leadership acumen and team functioning is typically an important pursuit, and critical at Borland at this time given the current and future internal and external business challenges.

Brainard Strategy worked with us to define a highly customized approach to executive development that included individual and team assessment. The development activities were equally comprehensive, highly relevant to our business, and very impactful for both driving changes in behaviors and also enhancing team functioning.”

Beckman Coulter

Aug 26th, 2011Comments Off on Beckman Coulter

Charlie Pittman
VP Global Facilities
Beckman Coulter

“So, did your coaching really pay off for Beckman, and me? I would answer that question this way.
I had a 97% (108) participation in the 2011 Engagement Survey. Yes, my organization ranked highly when compared to other business units and BEC overall but that is not satisfactory to me because as a company and organization, we should and can do better in this area. But, let’s compare year over year on the areas that you helped me with.

• Behavior change, last year 55% favorable, this year 78% favorable.
• Communication, last year 68% favorable, this year 70% favorable.
• Employee engagement, last year 69% favorable, this year 79% favorable.
• Performance management, last year 67% favorable, this year 70% favorable.
• Supervisor effectiveness, last year 69% favorable, this year 74% favorable.
• Trust scored 72% favorable; it was not measured last year.

There are five shared priorities between my team and BEC overall and I am pleased my organization scored highly in this area because it is an indicator of focus and collaboration on strategic objectives.

Having said all this, your work with me has paid off dividends for the company and me personally. You should be proud as I am. You helped to smooth some rough edges off a good old southern boy. I applied the learning and it shows that you should probably be paid more than you charged BEC. I greatly value your help and want to thank you Michael for helping me to be a better leader. “

Patient Safe Solutions

Aug 25th, 2011Comments Off on Patient Safe Solutions

Jim Sweeney
Chairman and CEO
Patient Safe Solutions

“Our Board of Directors was seeking an assessment of the organization relative to performance challenges, retention challenges and a sense that our culture may have been evolving in a way that was a potential concern.  I was referred to Brainard Strategy by a trusted adviser.  I had very little knowledge about Brainard Strategy’s capabilities but I knew that as a rapidly growing company conducting this type of assessment we would need a credible, experienced and trusted adviser.

Michael and I met, and at that time I was not exactly sure about the right path forward and how to implement the assessment process.  I knew that we needed an outside and expert view that could enable us to better understand challenges in and among potentially sensitive area; and then help us to develop a path forward that would be acceptable for the company, board, and executive team.  After our first planning meeting it became clear that Michael blended a practical approach and a strong theoretical foundation.  Michael Brainard’s team designed and personally interviewed 25% of our company, conducted focus groups and reviewed dozens of documents.  Michael Brainard brought us the results but more than that, a very deep understanding of what the results meant, and guided us toward a very pragmatic and effective action plan.  Our Board members were very impressed with the process and outcomes.  We are now partnering with the Brainard Strategy team to implement a series of organizational changes and we are delighted with the positive change that has already started.

Brainard Strategy’s blend of assessment skills, organizational development knowledge, and senior executive presence helped me to get our teams focused on key activities. Michael and the team at Brainard Strategy are experts in what they do and how they do it, they are practical, and a trusted partner for Patient Safe Solutions.”

Goal Financial

Aug 25th, 2011Comments Off on Goal Financial

Ryan Katz
CEO Goal Financial,
San Diego, California

“As many serious external changes such as legislative environment and credit risk were exerting negative pressure on every player in our industry our company had to respond by “re-structuring” some of our operations. Michael was able to align a comprehensive action plan that above all was consistent with our values. We believed that while some would be losing their jobs and jobs would be changing we had a set of core beliefs around respect for the individual whether leaving our organization or not. Michael put a plan together that addressed all stakeholders; he planned and modeled the logistics and financial aspects of the re-structure, the risk assessment, and assisted us with the “new” organizational structure. He led a team of internal and external professionals to flawless execution. While this type of business activity is relatively common it is never easy and Michael’s vast experience, custom approach, and leadership were invaluable to us getting back on track toward growth in a still tough environment.”

Goal Financial

Aug 25th, 2011Comments Off on Goal Financial

Richard Swartzbaugh
VP Human Resources
Goal Financial, San Diego, California

“Our organization wanted a more effective, diverse, and capable OD department as our company continued to expand. We discovered that with Brainard Strategy, we could outsource our OD work and get everything that we wanted…Plus, it was significantly more cost effective.”

Goal Financial

Aug 25th, 2011Comments Off on Goal Financial

Ryan Katz
CEO Goal Financial,
San Diego, California

“Michael Brainard has been able to provide the climate and framework for my growth and development and I directly count his coaching as one of the drivers of my organizations growth and success. Michael has a unique combination of business acumen and interpersonal savvy to listen effectively, confront, and advise at the right time, all the while keeping me focused on my development…”

AMN Healthcare

Aug 25th, 2011Comments Off on AMN Healthcare

Julie Fletcher
Vice President, Human Resources

“Michael has been a tremendous force to support the evolving focus on talent at AMN for many years. Prior to my arrival in 2008, Michael had planted the early seeds of change to evolve the organization to one where an integrated approach to talent management was front and center to all HR platforms. When I started my journey at AMN, I was looking for a creative thought partner to help articulate the vision of what was to come based upon deep knowledge of our culture and strategic direction. Michael had already built relationships with our executive committee and CEO and was considered a valuable resource to many. Michael is brilliant, phenomenal to work with, adds value to any situation and has an amazing team to back him up in Brainard Strategy. I will continue to recommend Michael to peers and clients who are looking for that resource to complete this missing link. I am eternally grateful to Michael.”


Jun 10th, 2011Comments Off on Volcano

Scott Huennekens
CEO – Volcano

“We annually perform an employee survey to understand our culture and achievement of our V-difference objectives. Additionally, this year we wanted to take a deeper dive in the understanding of the organization relative to perceptions regarding diversity. Based on a long standing and trusting relationship I had with Marissa Waldman I included Brainard Strategy into the process by which we choose a partner. I had very little knowledge about Brainard Strategy’s capabilities but I knew that as a public company conducting this type of assessment we would need a credible, experienced and trusted adviser.

Michael, Marissa, and I met, and at that time I was not exactly sure about the right path forward and how to implement the assessment process. I knew that we needed an outside and expert view that could enable us to better understand challenges in and among potentially sensitive area; and then help us to develop a path forward that would be acceptable for the employees, management team, and our board. After our first planning meeting it became quite clear that the team at Brainard Strategy had deep experience, a strong theoretical foundation, and a practical approach that I was eager to support. The Brainard Strategy team partnered with me, my HR team, and two board members to guide us through a global survey that was incredibly painless, fast, and cost efficient. Michael Brainard and Jennifer Konkin brought us the results but more than that a very deep understanding of interpreting the results and guided us toward a pragmatic and effective action plan. Our employees, management team and Board members were impressed with the process and outcomes. We will be leveraging the Brainard team for other types of assessments as they are clearly a unique choice among their peer group.

Michael’s blend of assessment skills, organizational development knowledge, and senior executive presence helped me to get our teams focused on key activities.   The flexible options and Brainard’s customization of the tools used for organizational assessment enabled us to navigate what could have been very choppy waters and we are better for it at the board level, executive team level and organizational level.”

J.D. Power and Associates

Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on J.D. Power and Associates

Alex Arrieta, Vice President, Global Human Resources
The McGraw-Hill Companies, J.D. Power and Associates

“We recently completed two different projects with Brainard Strategy over a 3-year period. The first was offsite with Michael developing our team strategies. Because of the excellent results with Brainard Strategy, we turned to the team again for our next project. In January of this year, we began to design our next major initiative, which was a Global Change Management process. Michael and his team helped us to design the business model, strategy, and communications that would ultimately lead to the launch of a company-wide pulse survey. Through the process, the Brainard Strategy team coordinated with our internal team to manage the process and review the results with our senior leadership. When JD Power, the world’s biggest survey organization, needs to do internal surveys, we turn to Brainard Strategy.

I’ve used other consulting firms in the past but for change management I consider Brainard Strategy a real partner. The team has a stronger focus of what we need and I consider Michael and Marissa an extension of our internal team. Brainard Strategy really takes the time to assess what the real challenges are instead of imposing a solution they think fits. That’s something you don’t get from many consulting firms. From their initial assessment, they balance strategy and action oriented goals to develop solutions, making real change possible.”


J.D. Power and Associates
Vice President, Human Resources

“While I had not partnered with Brainard Strategy in the past, I had always heard great things about their work. I contacted Marissa Waldman and she offered some great suggestions about how to position and approach our first executive off site session in many years. We agreed to meet with Michael so that we could thoughtfully design the right approach for assessment and rapport building, and the actual agenda and objectives. It was clear that Michael had a wealth of experience in this high level team development work and I had a great deal of confidence when putting him in front of my peers, the executive team.

Michael designed a custom interview that we reviewed in advance of him conducting the interviews with each executive. The information he was able to glean from each executive was rich and unbelievably candid. Also from the interviews each executive had a chance to get to know him and generated optimism for the pending session. Michael prepared a report from the interview data and he, I, and our CEO discussed the findings in detail and we collaborated on the agenda and outcomes for the actual session.

Michael’s approach in the session forced us to deal with the core issues, even when uncomfortable. We had an inclusive dialogue that led to action items that were measure-able. The team development process changed many of the key leaders approach to teaming and leadership. Michael has a unique ability to build credibility, facilitate executive sessions, and blend theory and street smarts. I appreciate Michael and his firm and they are a trusted partner for us, I would refer him without reservation.”


Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on Moark

Allan Dicks
CFO, Moark, Inc.

Brainard Strategy partnered with our executive team to clarify and refine our Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives. The process was very practical yet clearly grounded in the best ideas from some of the traditional strategic planning processes. Once the strategic objectives were clarified Michael pushed us to set very SMART goals and define our goals via tactics and metrics. Michael then brought us an easy to apply Performance Scorecard. Our team defined this scorecard together and while we have fallen short relative to execution in the past we have already experienced a different set of behaviors as we now report out to one another our performance relative to the scorecard monthly. Brainard Strategy’s consulting support around Strategy Development / Alignment has enabled us to refine and clarify our thinking, and most importantly is directly driving greater levels of execution and accountability than we have had as an executive team. Brainard’s approach has enabled us to surface and address key strategic questions, plan for and align around key scenarios (develop strategic choices), helped us to re-define our core competencies, greatly improved goal alignment and accountability, and increased our urgency and competitive spirit

Edwards Life Science

Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on Edwards Life Science

Judy Bentley
VP Human Resources
Edwards Life Science, Irvine, California

“We were having a difficult time with bringing together our executive sales team. There were obvious effects due to the lack of synergy around teaming and the team was resistant towards chance. Brainard Strategy created and facilitated an offsite that precisely hit the team’s needs! By the end of the team-building, the team had removed many barriers and created common goals. My employees are now working as a team for the first time.”


Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on Pioneer

Paul Brubaker
VP Human Resources
Pioneer, Long Beach, CA

“After unifying three separate HR groups within North America under a Shared-Services umbrella, I decided to hold the first-ever national HR Leadership team meeting for Pioneer Electronics, North America. I asked several consultants for thoughts about team building activities that might be helpful and most suggested using the DISC profile. However, having used the tool many times previously myself, I knew that it likely would have no lasting impact on our team.

Michael Brainard brought us added value by not only administering the DISC and doing a debrief with our team, but by also having us read the Patrick Lencioni book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.” The book about building a high-functioning team led to valuable discussion that the DISC alone would not have generated. Michael did a masterful job in guiding the discussion, asking probing questions, and helping to set a tone of openness for the remainder of the two-day meeting. We’ll have Brainard Strategy back again!”


Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on OCP

Ed Cleary
General Manager, OCP
San Diego, CA

“Like many companies our size, we had hit a sales ceiling, and were at a loss for what approach to take to create the change we needed to get us to the goals we have laid out for long term growth. Within a couple hours of sitting with Michael and his team, it was obvious we were going to have to change the culture of our company and develop a completely new approach to how we implemented and accomplished goals at all levels in our organization. Now on the other side of a comprehensive assessment and strategic development, we are confident that we have eliminated many of the hurdles that were slowing us down, and have put clear strategic paths in place to keep us on the leading edge of our market. We are seeing a refreshed outlook from our staff, and consistent results in line with our company’s goals. It’s quite clear we would have not gotten here without the insight, mentoring, and facilitation that Michael and his team provided.”

AMN Healthcare

Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on AMN Healthcare

Ken Gowen
VP Human Resources
AMN Healthcare, Inc.

“Our executive team needed assistance in identifying opportunities for revenue generating ideas that would bring a ROI within the next 9 months. Brainard Strategy effectively led us through a process that maximized our strategy sessions and led to the development of some exciting initiatives…”

Advantage Sales and Marketing

Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on Advantage Sales and Marketing

Chris Olivier
President, Advantage Sales and Marketing, 2009

“Advantage Sales and Marketing (ASM) is the leading sales and marketing outsourcing company for the retail food industry in the United States. Upon coming on board in 2008, I was specifically tasked by our board of directors to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to guide our more than 1 billion dollar company over the next three years. Ours is a complex company consisting of food brokers, outsourced marketing services for tier one brands, other outsourced I.T., sales, and marketing functions for the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers. Additionally, our executive team is spread out all over the U.S. and we have many stakeholders to this process (a board including private equity firms, customers, many levels of managers and employees, and a variety of consulting partners).

I sought proposals from the likes of McKinsey, Baine, and other regional and national tier one firms. One could easily imagine how critical this decision was for me as a newly hired executive, specifically tasked with the strategic plan development.

In evaluating Brainard Strategy it became clear that Michael and his team could design, lead, and facilitate this complex planning development process at or above the level of some of their global competitors. Additionally, Michael and his team were far easier to do business with, far more flexible, and vastly more pragmatic than the larger firms. Michael and I partnered together through every step of the design of the process, the implementation of the process, and the documents and board presentations. This 6 month process involved over 100 leaders in our company, at least 6 external parties, and meetings that were held in New York, Chicago, and Southern California. Michael pulled a team together that included project managers, executives from our industry, and a variety of consultants who brought both ideas and data, as well as worked with our executives to interpret a massive amount of data and information. In the end we tackled critical strategic decisions in an inclusive and efficient way. Without Michael’s experience with the process, business acumen, and work ethic, we would not have such a robust plan. Our board gave the highest marks relative to our ability to frame strategic choices, evaluate the markets and customer segments we serve, and do so in an inclusive and time sensitive manner. While it is true that our plan will evolve and change as our business does, the core evaluative information and choices are elements that we refer back to and start from when managing the business today. In addition to plan delivery, Michael worked very closely with us to define a goal cascading method that we have implemented and integrated into our performance management system.

Brainard Strategy and Michael enabled us to drive the single best strategic planning process and outcome I have ever experienced. His team’s general business acumen, assessment and facilitation capabilities, and ability to balance process and outcomes are unique.

I strongly recommend Brainard Strategy for executive strategic plan development. His partnership with us remains critical to our success today and he still partners with us on a number of initiatives.”


Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on Scripps

Vic Buzacherro
EVP, Human Resources

“In late 2008, Scripps was looking to enhance overall organizational performance through increased alignment between its overall strategic objectives and individual managers performance. After studying national best practices, Scripps designed a performance objectives program in which the organization’s strategic goals “cascaded” from senior leaders to managers as part of the company’s annual performance evaluation process. The program was designed to focus managers on the achievement of aligned objectives, increase overall management accountability and reward managers for their individual contributions to the organization’s overall goals.

As part of the program implementation, Brainard Strategy was engaged to help train Scripps managers and executives in understanding and adopting the Performance Objectives Cascade program. Brainard Strategy developed a customized training program and conducted 30 training sessions across Scripps hospitals and clinics in which senior leaders and managers had the opportunity to develop objectives similar to a performance scorecard. The training provided a consistent framework for establishing measurable, actionable objectives, as well as facilitated the proper translation of goals, tactics and metrics.

One year later, Scripps has completed a full cycle of the program with positive results. As an organization, we’ve found that the program engages managers in the achievement of our strategic objectives. Further, Scripps has found that the process helps to clarify and refine senior leaders’ vision and strategic direction – in turn helping to focus managers efforts and resources.”


Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on HBAPA

Laura Pinkham
President, Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts Foundation
Huntington Beach, CA

“Simple and effective approaches to management and organizational issues.
“OGTM” is to goal cascading as “Monster” is to resume searching.
Excellent, professional partnership. Would definitely engage again.

Our session with Brainard Strategy was exactly what we needed. A fresh perspective that included best practices and innovative ideas all packaged into an engaging experience. Our team acquired knowledge and additional motivation as a result of the program.

Phenomenal! The company provides a remarkable A+ service to its clients and strives to build strong relationships. The staff is cohesive and truly defines a “unit”, which is the key to success.

It was incredible! I was very impressed. Tailored hands on approach designed to fit our needs.

The Brainard Strategy team was a delight to work with!  Their professionalism and accessibility allowed our organization the expertise and support we needed to complete our initial strategic plan. We are looking forward to a continued partnership, and we highly recommend their services to any company seeking creative solutions to organizational dysfunction.”

Moon Design

Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on Moon Design

Ed Cleary
VP of Sales and Marketing
Moon Design MFG, San Diego, CA

“We realized that moving our business into the future involved a more strategic approach to talent management. Brainard Strategy partnered with us to develop a performance management system that facilitated clearer, more effective communication between managers and employees. This created a clearer understanding of how not only the company, but the individuals, benefit by increased efficiencies and productivity. Brainard Strategy’s approach and training skills really impacted the way we do business.”

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