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Community Involvement

Andrew Johnson Connects Regional Business Leaders to New Talent

Andrew Johnson volunteers to “foster economic growth and prosperity through education, training and lifelong learning”

The majority of my workdays are spent out in the community – interacting with senior executives, HR professionals, managers, and employee teams. While every company, and every interaction, is different, the one consistency I find, no matter who I’m talking to, is the belief that leadership and training are essential to success.

At Brainard Strategy, we work with established leaders and teams to implement effective training and development, but what the San Diego Workforce Partnership does is something even more critical.

The Workforce Partnership focuses on adults and youth in our community, and trains them to meet the needs of regional employers. Adults who may have otherwise felt overwhelmed at the prospect of finding a job in a weakened economy are given the tools, guidance, and encouragement they need to enter back into the work force. And our kids are given the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience and work readiness, providing them with a competitive advantage from the get go.

The San Diego Workforce Partnership’s mission to foster economic growth and prosperity through education, training and lifelong learning not only serves the individuals involved, it provides a much-needed service to our communities. I am honored to be involved with this organization, and hope that you may join me in supporting them.

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