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CORE Realty Holdings, LLC

Aaron Cook
Executive Vice President
CORE Realty Holdings LLC

“I have been blessed with a successful career in financial services over the last twelve years due to being in the right place at the right time, surrounding myself with high quality hard working team members, some luck and hard work. Over my career I have been able to grow from an individual producing financial advisor to the President and CEO of the managing broker dealer for my current company of which I am also a partner and an Executive Vice President. Over that time I have overseen and managed as many as 60 employees at any one time.

Over the last 12 months I have engaged Michael Brainard as an executive coach in order to help continue to take my career to that next level. While I had experienced reasonable success prior to working with Mr. Brainard he has helped identify weaknesses in my management style to focus and improve while also assisting in the development of my areas of strength. As a result I have been able to improve my relationships throughout the organization and motivate other departments as well as my partners to take action towards a common objective. I have been able to establish trust and confidence with my 4 partners and the “C” level executives in the organization creating a more cohesive and cooperative working environment compared with the first 2 years in the organization.

Mr. Brainard has also helped me get the most out of the 30 some employees that I currently manage by helping me develop a system of accountability as well as encouraging creative thinking, ideas and problem solving with my team members. I have been able to foster independent decision making and open discussion and debate of ideas with management while still being able to provide the final approval or veto. Once a decision or idea is implemented each team member has participated in the thought process and thus has more of a vested interest in its execution. While I am still working on improving, Mr. Brainard has helped me exhibit my trust and confidence in my team’s abilities, which has provided the platform for their improved and more rapid career development. These efforts have improved levels of performance with team members freeing me up to more effectively develop innovative investment products, consider longer term strategic direction and to continue to build and grow the company’s distribution channels all while also creating a greater sense of loyalty and commitment amongst the team.”