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November’s Reading List: EXCELerate Your Bookshelf


How to Measure Training Results

We at Brainard Strategy use the Kirkpatrick Evaluation tool to evaluate our trainings. We measure the cognitive and behavioral change of leaders in addition to the impact on the bottom line. So while our approach and methodology remains consistent with Kirkpatrick’s evaluation tool, we seek to reveal the impact that the leadership development program has for your Return on Investment.

For example, at the conclusion of the EXCELerate program, each executive team has a chance to present their strategic work project in front of the board or the C-level suite, demonstrating new knowledge and an improved skillset. The work project represents more than theory and comprehension, it shows tangible growth into new arenas and profit categories for the company as a whole. That’s why this book matters: it helps you convey the ways in which executive development is a strong investment.

Extraordinary Leadership


While top-level leaders may be exceptionally gifted and successful, they often have gaps in their skills in such vital areas as interpersonal relationships, adapting to rapid change and complexity, partnering and sharing responsibility and accountability, and inspiring and motivating others.

Extraordinary Leadership contains a rich collection of wisdom, experience, and insight on a variety of topics relevant to senior leaders such as authenticity, credibility, emotional competence, social intelligence, developmental relationships, growth through connection, ability to learn, life-stage development, and overdone and fatal flaws. Get a first hand account about what it is that your senior leadership could be wanting out of an executive development program.

The Leadership Pipeline

We understand that a manager’s responsibilities are different then an individual contributor, a director, or a Vice President/Senior Executive. There are a number of key role transitions managers must deal with over their career: from managing oneself to managing others, from managing first line managers to leading functions, groups—and eventually—entire businesses.
Organizations that recognize these transitions can put in place a “leadership pipeline”; By teaching leadership in addition to management, top talent can be equipped with the tools to handle all of their career transitions within an organization. By including multimodal training courses and assignments, EXCELerate helps build your leadership pipeline so that skill development is mapped to the exact level your leadership and leaders-in-training find themselves. How prepared are you?