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Free Webinar on 8/21 with People Talent Solutions, our New Partner in Talent Management

Here at Brainard Strategy, we know that value for your company comes in the form of solutions that are uniquely scalable and customizable to your business needs. Succession planning enters the 21st century with Talent Blueprint, our newly recommended software solution.

As your talent pool grows, so does the need for an agile, dedicated piece of software that simply and intuitively outperforms Excel or Word-based succession and leadership identification platforms. Developed by Southern California-based People Talent Solutions, Talent Blueprint is an easy-to-configure application built on a Microsoft interface. It works right from your desktop.  Talent Blueprint is an alternative to the complex web-based/SaaS/Cloud platforms that require large investments and long-term contracts. Talent Blueprint allows your team to efficiently:

  • Search employee data on over 50 different criteria
  • Instantly answer executives’ questions about the state of talent in your organization
  • Create extensive talent pools for multiple jobs Identify internal candidates for critical jobs in seconds – not hours, days, or months
  • View and interact with enterprise level dashboards
  • Display employee profile reports
  • Compare talent side-by-side
  • Track retirement of critical talent
  • Instantly identify retention risks
  • Track and understand skill gap issues between employees and jobs
  • Track and understand readiness issues between employees and jobs
  • Get critical information in one click
  • Create multiple reports and export reports to Excel
This fully supported, one-time license is available as a 30-day free trial and is continuing to be built and administered by career-long talent management experts.

What next?

Check out the video introduction, visit Talent Blueprint’s product page on LinkedIn to read reviews.