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Vic Buzacherro
EVP, Human Resources

“In late 2008, Scripps was looking to enhance overall organizational performance through increased alignment between its overall strategic objectives and individual managers performance. After studying national best practices, Scripps designed a performance objectives program in which the organization’s strategic goals “cascaded” from senior leaders to managers as part of the company’s annual performance evaluation process. The program was designed to focus managers on the achievement of aligned objectives, increase overall management accountability and reward managers for their individual contributions to the organization’s overall goals.

As part of the program implementation, Brainard Strategy was engaged to help train Scripps managers and executives in understanding and adopting the Performance Objectives Cascade program. Brainard Strategy developed a customized training program and conducted 30 training sessions across Scripps hospitals and clinics in which senior leaders and managers had the opportunity to develop objectives similar to a performance scorecard. The training provided a consistent framework for establishing measurable, actionable objectives, as well as facilitated the proper translation of goals, tactics and metrics.

One year later, Scripps has completed a full cycle of the program with positive results. As an organization, we’ve found that the program engages managers in the achievement of our strategic objectives. Further, Scripps has found that the process helps to clarify and refine senior leaders’ vision and strategic direction – in turn helping to focus managers efforts and resources.”