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Tag | change management

ConAgra Foods

Sep 10th, 2011Comments Off on ConAgra Foods

Dennis Obrien
ConAgra Foods
Omaha, Nebraska

“Our business was in massive change as we have been less than one year post an acquisition, many jobs were being consolidated and moved back to the mid-west from California, and our competitive pressures were as severe as they ever had been. We were forced to re-organize while needing to maintain very key talent and teams, we were re-energizing or deciding on resource allocation that was very different than prior years with lower performing brands, and we were trying to maintain our position with well performing brands while our budget was tightening. Our business situation could best be described as chaotic.

We met Michael as a part of our re-structure planning and he was quickly able to assess our business conditions accurately and offer a set of steps that were actionable and impactful. He partnered with me and my executive team on a series of communications plans, he partnered with our HR function on plans for our “impacted” and “surviving” talent and teams, and devised a knowledge transfer plan to enable a smooth business transition for very key functions. Michael met with dozens of executives, delivered dozens of customized change management type of workshops and wrote countless drafts of communications with me and my team for all stakeholders. The change process we focused on was one of “building agility” rather than getting through some set of events… This approach was helpful for our executives and managers far beyond the “chaotic” times we were in. I have since had Michael in for many other types of strategic and operational challenges and his breadth of experience is something I value.”