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Beckman Coulter

Aug 26th, 2011Comments Off on Beckman Coulter

Charlie Pittman
VP Global Facilities
Beckman Coulter

“So, did your coaching really pay off for Beckman, and me? I would answer that question this way.
I had a 97% (108) participation in the 2011 Engagement Survey. Yes, my organization ranked highly when compared to other business units and BEC overall but that is not satisfactory to me because as a company and organization, we should and can do better in this area. But, let’s compare year over year on the areas that you helped me with.

• Behavior change, last year 55% favorable, this year 78% favorable.
• Communication, last year 68% favorable, this year 70% favorable.
• Employee engagement, last year 69% favorable, this year 79% favorable.
• Performance management, last year 67% favorable, this year 70% favorable.
• Supervisor effectiveness, last year 69% favorable, this year 74% favorable.
• Trust scored 72% favorable; it was not measured last year.

There are five shared priorities between my team and BEC overall and I am pleased my organization scored highly in this area because it is an indicator of focus and collaboration on strategic objectives.

Having said all this, your work with me has paid off dividends for the company and me personally. You should be proud as I am. You helped to smooth some rough edges off a good old southern boy. I applied the learning and it shows that you should probably be paid more than you charged BEC. I greatly value your help and want to thank you Michael for helping me to be a better leader. “