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Brainard Strategy Lends Expertise to Alliant International University’s Ph.D Program

Mar 1st, 2012Comments Off on Brainard Strategy Lends Expertise to Alliant International University’s Ph.D Program

On February 27, 2012, Jennifer Konkin visited Alliant International University‘s San Diego campus to share her unique perspective and experience in leadership development and consulting. In addition to her responsibilities as a Brainard Strategy consultant, Ms. Konkin is a Ph.D candidate at Alliant in Consulting Psychology. Having already received her M.S. from Alliant in that same field of research in 2007, she was invited back to Dr. John Renner’s Organizational Development class to discuss the spectrum of transition between student/scholar to professional consultancy.

Ms. Konkin’s discussion utilized industry-leading models and methods that are useful for recruiters and employment seekers alike. For example, one topic of focus was on the Arbinger Institute’s approach to leadership development and how it applies to leveraging existing knowledge and self awareness into applied skills through through on-the job experience.

Such a speaking engagement enriches and renews the longstanding relationship between Alliant International University and Brainard Strategy. Michael Brainard, principal of the firm, completed his Ph.D in Industrial Organizational Psychology at Alliant in 2009. Our most recent hire, Junior Associate Matt McDonald, is also a recent graduate from the school.

You can visit What We Do to learn more about Brainard Strategy’s wide range of consulting capabilities, including Talent Acquisition and Management, Career Planning and Leadership Development.


Sep 10th, 2011Comments Off on Biosite

K. Blickenstaff
Chairman and CEO
Biosite Diagnostics, Inc., San Diego, California

“We realized that we just weren’t reaching the goals our team set out to attain… We were struggling to improve our sales and marketing management team’s skills and sales ability. Brainard Strategy recommended a series of assessments and interviews for our key talent. Once through the assessment he advised our executive team on ways to “map” our talent relative to our needs. We began to revise our hiring process as a means to find similar types of “smart” people whom we were always able to attract, but now we were better able to assess for “fit” with real data. We also were able to rightly move some key people into key roles and each and every person in our marketing and sales organization were given developmental feedback by our managers in a way that enabled open and “real” conversations about contribution and value. We then took our team through sales training and personal development planning activities based on the collective assessment information. Because of Brainard Strategy, our team is back on track.”