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Sep 10th, 2011Comments Off on Sequenom

Alisa Judge
Vice President, Human Resources

“As our business changes the pressure on our leadership team to continuously improve is ever more critical. We sought customized 360 feedback and a development process. We believed that an off the shelf 360 would not meet our needs, as we needed to specifically define the unique competencies required for our leaders. In addition, we did not need a web site or book to offer development, we needed a trusted local resource to interpret the feedback and offer action-able, just in time learning tailored to each individual executive.

Brainard Strategy had partnered with us for strategic planning and they had done our employee engagement survey every 18 months. Michael and Jennifer were able to quickly and practically build an executive competency model for us that was easily validated. We then created the items, scale, open ended questions, and report format that would meet our needs. Their platform and expertise in crafting the assessments are truly unique in this now commoditized industry. In addition to creating the assessment and managing the process, Michael and Jennifer offered an emotional intelligence assessment, a personality assessment, and an assessment of cognitive style to those executives who wanted to go through a broader assessment. They were able to do this because these assessments are a part of Jennifer Konkin’s dissertation. We truly appreciate that Michael, Jennifer and the team at Brainard Strategy are partners in learning and always striving to learn and grow; they practice what they preach. Lastly, Michael and Jennifer delivered the feedback in the spirit of growth and development and our executives reported that this type of process was among the richest of its kind they have ever experienced.”


Jun 2nd, 2011Comments Off on Moark

Allan Dicks
CFO, Moark, Inc.

Brainard Strategy partnered with our executive team to clarify and refine our Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives. The process was very practical yet clearly grounded in the best ideas from some of the traditional strategic planning processes. Once the strategic objectives were clarified Michael pushed us to set very SMART goals and define our goals via tactics and metrics. Michael then brought us an easy to apply Performance Scorecard. Our team defined this scorecard together and while we have fallen short relative to execution in the past we have already experienced a different set of behaviors as we now report out to one another our performance relative to the scorecard monthly. Brainard Strategy’s consulting support around Strategy Development / Alignment has enabled us to refine and clarify our thinking, and most importantly is directly driving greater levels of execution and accountability than we have had as an executive team. Brainard’s approach has enabled us to surface and address key strategic questions, plan for and align around key scenarios (develop strategic choices), helped us to re-define our core competencies, greatly improved goal alignment and accountability, and increased our urgency and competitive spirit