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The Buddy Group

Vice President, Operations/Finance
The Buddy Group, Irvine, CA

“Our young company faced a dilemma. A few unexpected employee departures indicated we had organizational issues, but we did not have the internal resources to objectively figure out what they were or how to handle. We interviewed several HR service providers and selected Brainard Strategy to help in our task of surveying our employees and developing an action plan. It was the right choice. Michael Brainard’s depth and breadth of background was invaluable. He is both the professor and practitioner of organizational development. After consulting with other vendors, it seems anybody can throw some questions together and call it a survey. But Michael and his team were able to help us sculpt our survey questions and most importantly translate the results into clear and addressable issues. Our culture has a ways to go as it moves out of start-up mode, but with Brainard Strategy’s guidance, we at least have a road-map to follow.”