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Cultural Fit, Subject Matter Experts

After our engagement scores were revealed in 2012, we developed a talent management strategy that was looking to align our organizational systems with best practices in management techniques. At the core of this new strategy, we implemented a performance management toolkit, that required excellent training in how you set clear expectations and objectives, how to engage performance feedback, how to coach and develop and how to have ongoing discussions to both motivate and give critical feedback to employees.

The consultants that we chose to deliver this project had to be the right fit culturally, subject matter experts in talent management practices, and have the kind of agility to discuss the topics to our highest Executives all the way down to first time supervisors. The first sessions were to be the most critical, since these were the very beginning of our 3-5 year talent management strategy.

Michael Brainard and Andrew Johnson were able to absolutely exceed our expectations. They clearly demonstrated subject matter expertise in all areas of performance management. They demonstrated from the very beginning a true partnership and were able to change the content in real time to meet the demands of every class they engaged in for nearly 625 of our Executives and managers.

Steve Thorne
Organizational Development Manager