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What a Wonderful World: Nancy Wallis’ Speaking Recap

On April 10th, Brainard Strategy and the International Society for Performance Improvement presented a guest lecture from Nancy Wallis, entitled Leadership From Within Change. There was much excitement in the air as attendees from over 40 companies and a host of former and current students of Dr. Wallis’ came together to hear concrete and useful approach related to the Theory U framework by Dr. C. Otto Scharmer. This framework provides a way of considering leading transformational change.

A powerful attribute of this model is that it applies to both individual and systemic levels, showing how we can move through the “U” process to connect to our authentic Self and thus a deeper sense of knowing.  Doing so supports the creative processes at the foundation of genuine mastery in any field and allows us to connect to the magic at the heart of fundamental transformation.  Used in combination with well-developed project management and change management tools, organizational leaders can guide their organizations to new levels of performance.  Participants discussed examples from organizational settings, locating where they might be stuck in the U, and actions to move them forward.

Judging by the tremendous positivity expressed in post-session evaluations, this is a topic that resonates across many fields and careers. Brainard Strategy looks forward to many more moments of insight with Dr. Wallis and the challenges related to being an authentic leader in these challenging times.

Click here to download the presentation as a PowerPoint format.