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Organizational Assessment

Organizational assessment helps organizations identify the “gaps” between “what is” and “what ought to be.” Once we gain a shared vision of the desired state, we can partner in an effort to identify barriers and work toward solutions.

Our Six-Phase approach to organizational assessment is tailored to the specific needs of each client:

Phase 1: Define
We create a partnership with the client to develop a shared understanding of the task, issue, or problem along with a plan for assessment.

Phase 2: Diagnose
We examine organizational archival reports/documents and utilize information gathered through interviews, focus groups, questionnaires & surveys, along with objective observations to collect relevant data.

Phase 3: Analyze
After collecting the data, consultants use statistical analysis methods to interpret the data and develop practical recommendations.

Phase 4: Presentation of Findings
This phase involves sharing results with the client to determine an effective intervention strategy. Brainard Strategy uses easy-to-understand language to explain the results of the data collection phase.

Phase 5: Action Planning
We work with key players from your organization to develop an action plan that:

  • Fits the needs of your organization
  • Will yield measurable results
  • Will enhance your organization’s capacity to manage change
  • Is catered to your organization’s situation, culture, context, and maturational cycle

Phase 6: Reinforce
We recognize the importance of maintaining a focus on the desired state and helping organizations sustain change initiatives. The reinforce phase ensures effective implementation of our action plan and outlines the next steps to take once the action plan has been implemented.

George Carpenter
CEO, CNS Response

“After more than one year of a great amount of turbulence at the board and executive team levels, we needed a deep and independent assessment of our management effectiveness. This was particularly complex because our founder and former CEO remained a disruptive force to the organization in many ways.

Michael and I met, and at that time I was not exactly sure about the right path forward and how to implement the assessment and change process. All I knew was that we needed an outside and expert view that could enable us to better understand some of our historical dysfunction and then help us to develop a road forward as a company, board, and executive team. However, as soon as I was able, we contracted with Brainard Strategy. Michael demonstrated a confidential and practical approach for to conducting a board and executive assessment process which could be implemented instantly.

Michael’s blend of assessment skills, organizational development knowledge, and senior executive presence helped me to get our management team focused on the key re-building activities. Additionally, Michael put together a report that enabled our board to clearly understand the challenges, root causes, and strategic choices as we moved forward. Lastly, we are implementing his action items and our company is in a vastly better place today than we were prior to engaging with Brainard Strategy. As a small publicly traded firm, Michael applied a highly customized, thorough, and legally defense-able process for us to resolve once and for all some of our major challenges and move forward in a much more unified way.

Brainard Strategy’s flexible options for management assessment enabled us to navigate very choppy waters and we are better for it at the board level, executive team level and organizational level.”