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Performance Management

Brainard Strategy’s performance management approach goes beyond the traditional models and is designed to be highly effective as a means of driving organizational effectiveness and individual (team) accountability. A common flaw in many performance management approaches is that they focus almost exclusively on just the results.

Introducing methods and concepts like “Performance Scoreboarding” and “behavioral anchors” as well as implementing pragmatic statistical techniques we enable our clients to implement a performance management system that allows for “real time” performance discussions RATHER than waiting until the results are in, then doing a “post mortem”…

We believe there is a better way to gain insight into the actual performance and the behaviors and skills of the individual at the same time. By integrating performance management and continuous development we believe organizations can achieve better long and short term results. Our approach measures performance and behaviors, and then combines the results for a true performance measurement/management system allowing the employee and manager to set objectives, monitor progress and review actual performance results.

We have many success stories ranging from creating the right success profiles for a given job, to implementing team based review scorecards, to providing statistical analyses of performance data and linkage to a variable compensation plan… Not to mention best in class performance management training for senior leaders that enables them to be the keepers of best in class organizational performance.

The Performance Scorecard is a Management System that…

  • Enables organizations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into action
  • Provides feedback around both the internal business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and results
  • Transforms strategic planning from an academic exercise into the nerve center of an enterprise
  • Enables individual goal translation and the cascading of goals through ever level of the organization

The Performance Scorecard is an iterative process that helps management develop and deploy an integrated strategic plan across the organization, defining the specific actions needed to deliver competitive advantage at every level in the company.  The OGTM framework creates connectivity across the company – between enterprise functions, operating units & geographies.  The Performance Scorecard’s OGTM framework enables realistic & aligned objectives, goals, tactics, and metrics to be defined with consistency and discipline, and to cascaded and translated to align all resources to corporate goals.  The Performance Scorecard “bridges” the gap between the organization’s strategic plan and objectives and individual’s performance appraisal form and ratings.


Success Story

Challenge: A global manufacturing company was struggling with hiring the right people and was facing issues of turnover.

Action: After diagnosis it appeared there were no competencies distinguished for key hires. After data collection through interviews, focus groups, and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), competencies were developed for 13 key hire positions and for the overall organization. These competencies were then used to create job profiles, which included both the KSAs and the competencies needed for the job. Training on the new job profiles and how to use them were conducted and the recruiting department then implemented the job profiles.

Result: The recruiting department was better able to hire individuals who were a fit for the position and the organization. Due to the success of the job profiles, the company asked Brainard Strategy to come back and create job profiles for the rest of the positions within the company.