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Eric Collier

Eric Collier

Eric has over 30 years of experience in coaching and developing managers and executives from his career at IBM. He has coached leadership teams to create synergy and alignment in support of mission, vision, values and goals. In Eric’s coaching approach, he works in partnership with his clients to expand their ability to apply their talent in achieving their personal development and business goals.

Eric helps others apply tools and mindfulness practices that train their brains to support increased effectiveness. These tools and practices provide the continuous renewal that fosters resilience, continuous growth, and overall wellbeing. His aim is to leave you to be your own coach.

Eric played sports while growing up with a fondness for baseball. He continues to participate in the game as a player and a coach. Eric believes that it trains him to be attentive to nuance and be disciplined in what he does. Coaching millennials keeps him flexible and sharpens his communications skills.

Eric was born and raised in Miami, FL. He lives by his father’s philosophy: “Be among best at whatever you do, and always have work. And if you never stop learning, you will be ahead of most people.”